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What is lubricant?

Personal Lubricant and Its Importance

This section of the article introduces the answer to the question “what is lubricant” and “why couples may use personal lubricant”. Basically, we can think of a lubricant as something in a form of maybe liquid or gel that is intended to reduce friction between two object’s surface touching each other. For the context of this article we will exclude the usage of lubricants for other cases except for sexual intercourse scenarios only. The thought of these lubricants being used by some couple engaging in sexual activity is to provide more pleasure during the intercourse. In cases, women’s genital would not excrete enough liquid during the process, making it appear that the whole intercourse is not that intimate at all. To avoid pain, uncomfortable sex and make it more pleasurable to both parties the usage of lubricant is highly recommended. Below are some sample details of personal lubricants that safe and commonly used.

Common Types Of Personal Lubricants

Personal lubricants have three main classes: water-based, silicone-based, along with oil-based. Each of this type has its own pros and cons. The usage of these personal lubricants does not guarantee satisfaction, but this would likely lead to that. It is important to take note that there are still other factors to consider to have a very intimate sexual intercourse and that is beyond the scope of this article. Try to check each item below to verify what type would best suit your needs.

* Water-based lubricants are composed of water, glycerin, and some amazing preservatives. So far this is the most in-demand type nowadays. This is proven to be easy to blend with condoms and are safe enough. This is known to be smooth and slick, but not as sticky and messy compared to other types.The only thing about this type is it has to be reapplied in every sexual intercourse so this means no guarantee for long-term relief of penile dryness. This also has other side effects of women’s genital as this contains glycerin.

* Oil-based lubricants utilize numerous types of oils to be a base. This comes with distinctive flavors together. This mostly last longer, but not necessarily compatible with latex condoms or other sex toys. As per review, this is normally used for anal sex and also is recommended on sex done in water. This type is preservative free.

* Silicone-based lubricants this gives a silky-smooth feeling for couple during sexual intercourse. This is designed to last longer as well. This could be your choice for your intimate needs with your partner. Extra care must be taken before using this as this mostly causes irritation of women’s genitals.

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While we’ve provided a simple answer to ”What is lubricant” as it pertains to personal lubrication, you need to perform more exploration to find which kind along with brand tend to be right for you. Pursuit occasionally includes requiring you to buy a number of different lubes to find the one that is actually right for you.

This article gives you an idea regarding lubricants and its type. The satisfaction that you will get in terms of intimacy with your partner does not solely depend on this. Please keep in mind still that caution in using these lubricants is highly suggested. It is important to observe that what is used is clean and safe such that it will not cause any problem at all like skin irritation or genital diseases. While some people tend to resort to the usage of lubricant so far there are no therapeutic claims regarding its side effects. Despite of these lubricants getting more popular in the market today there are still couples who would prefer doing things in a pure way. Lastly, please be reminded that caution is still needed to be taken while doing sexual intercourse so as to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. So as a whole this article must have provided a profound answer to the question “what is a lubricant?”.